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Gamebryo Game Engine: Powerful, Flexible, Proven… and cost-efficient

Proven in more than 300 published games, Gamebryo is the industry standard cross-platform solution for development of any genre of game from casual to MMORPG.

Unlike engine solutions that require developers to follow a set integrated workflow, Gamebryo is based on a modular architecture that allows teams to easy modify, extend and re-factor the solution to meet the unique needs of their creative vision. This flexibility distinguishes Gamebryo from engine solutions built around a specific genre. Gamebryo signifigantly reduces the amount of development effort required to mix and match engine components to suit unique customer workflows.

Website & Evaluation

Visit Gamebryo's official website for more information: http://www.gamebryo.com.cn

Or register for an fully-functional evaluation of Gamebryo with 60 days technical support:

Proven: Game Development Solution

With over a decade of success backing it up, Gamebryo is the foundational technology in hundreds of titles in more than a dozen genres. Gamebryo is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of a changing game technology landscape. For example, the Floodgate™ stream processing engine eases development challenges on multi-core platforms, so you can simultaneously develop for any or all platforms without sacrifice.

Industry-Leading Support

Whether it’s your first use of our evaluator’s kit, or you’re leveraging all of the advanced features and functionality of the Gamebryo APIs, our customer support professionals are with you every step of the way.

Our support team is embedded within the engineering group, so the same developers who write our technology and tools are available to help you push the limits of our tech for your project. The Gamebryo system is fully documented, the code is easily navigable and online forums are available 24 hours a day.